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You get your own ChatBot with awesome features right out of the box. For absolutely free you can add your Content through our Bot Editor. After you are happy with the result you can integrate it into your Site

The Bot comes with an extensive Small-Talk Database, Search Engine Integration and other Cool Functionallity. You get your own Content Database that you can fill up with our Bot Editor.

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Bot Tech from Microsoft

Our Bot uses the most advanced Chat Bot Technology offered today in the face of Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) all securelly hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Your Own Bot Database

You can create content for your Bot via our intuitive Bot Editor. You will be able to create Question/Answer Pairs, add choices, create proactive greeting messages and loads more.

Huge Chit-Chat Database

Extensive Database for answering common User queries from "Hey how are you?" to "Does this bolognia sandwich look right to you?". This Database will prevent your Bot from answering most of the User queries with 'I don't understand'

Search Engine Integration

If a possible answer is not found in your custom database or the Chit-Chat database the Bot will ask Bing for an answer.

Easy Integration

When your Bot is ready you will have options on how to integrate it. For now we offer 2 ways of integrating the Bot via our custom web integrator or via Skype Web Integration, but we have Facebook, Slack and MS Teams in the pipeline.

Other Cool Functionality

For now we only have weather functionality, but we plan on adding alot of these like Custom Maps, User Search and Proactive Message Campaigns.

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Did we mention it is free? Yep, it is free...

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